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Zeliang Glass production’s special glass production includes fireproof glass, high-temperature glass, thermal insulation glass, heating glass, Bulletproof glass, etc. Size: Customized according to customer needs
Thickness: 2-25MM
Packaging: Wooden box packaging suitable for long-distance transportation
Production cycle: According to different process requirements and quantities, the production cycle varies from approximately 5 to 20 days.

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Our advantages

Why do people trust our company?

★ Touch command, reaction time less than 5ms       

★1080P high-definition display                                 

★AG glass/AR glass is the raw material, with a protective strength and a shielding effect of 30% harmful blue light.                                                   

★Stable and reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability   

★Compatible with multiple touch chip solutions (such as SIS/ILIFCK/EETI, etc.)              

★Compatible with Android and Windows systems, USB interface/serial link can be inserted and used without debugging.


Complete product range

Glass TP fitting enterprise integrating AG glass, AR glass, semi transparent and semi reflective mirror, tempered glass and silk screen Glass production production


Support for OEM/ODM

Touch capacitive screens can be produced in sizes ranging from 21 inches to 75 inches. At the same time, we also provide OEM/ODM services that meet your needs.


quality assurance

All products adopt environmentally friendly processes, with stable product performance and strong overall performance.



Continuously upgrading and reforming the industrial line of products on the existing basis, and investing in the research and development of TP fitting production lines



Shenzhen Zeliang Glass founded in 2010 at Shenzhen . In order expand glass processing line, we moved to Dongguan and got IS0900:2015 system . Our company covers an area of 4000m2 have export advanced toughened furnace,double grilling machine in German in 2017 to ensure to ensure the production of top quality glass.Annual production capacity are as to covers business line to be smart glass,toughened glass,laminated glass,art decoration glass, building glass,silk printed glass,AG glass, AR glass,etc. All the glass offered OEM /ODM service to meeting your different demands.

Smart glass were passed CE,ROHS,FCC certificate in 2017. 100% accordance to these standard. In order to increase brand influence.KASEYAand MEIRUI TV were register in 2016 too. At the same time, Zeelang pay much attention for protection intellectual property.Every year,more than 5 kind of products got obtaining National Intellectual Property Patent Certification.

Our products are widely used for all kinds of industries such as electric light source, electric heater, semiconductor,infrared heating light,optical communication even chemical industry and others. We are here looking forward to cooperating with you.

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